Alex Morales
He becomes initiated into plastic arts at 14 (1983) while studying at the Departmental Museum of Fine Arts de San José de Mayo, Uruguay, under the supervision of his first master, the artist Daniel Perez Acosta.

Alex Morales then begins a long and slow path with confidence. Convinced of being a born artist, he starts his incessant quest to learn the secrets of drawing and painting.

He continues his academic studies until he is 17 (1986). 
These three years of apprenticeship, experimentation and practice are essential, given that this is the time when he builds his own artistic foundations.

While working on his art, he begins to earn his first wages with the help of his paintbrush. He paints window displays, task that rapidly opens up to all the possibilities static advertising offers, bringing him to paint gigantic murals on buildings. This work awakes an immense passion for painting on walls that compels him to immerse himself into the old trade of construction.  

In 1990, he moves to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and lives there for four years, dedicated to his work as an advertising painter, which leaves him little time for his own paintings. 

In 1994, he returns to Uruguay where an important advertising agency hires him. For three years he perfections himself, studies graphic design, and works as a graphic illustrator. In 1994-1995, in addition to his job at the agency, he works as a TV scenographist and also participates in various commercials as a model.

In 1997, he changes again of direction, leaving advertising and dedicating himself to decoration and painting on canvas. He is recognized nationally as one of the best decorators of bars and clubs, which leads him to travel throughout the country, leaving his artwork in each Uruguayan town, as designs, murals and sculptures.

This is also the time when he starts focusing on his painting on canvas. He also experiments with life size sculptures, a self-taught skill. He exposes in a variety of well-known art galleries of his country while giving painting and drawing classes. 

In 2005, he joins the sub-commission of plastic artists of the Departmental Museum of San José. During the same year, he founds the Association of Plastic Artists of San José and becomes the vice-president. 

In 2006, he is named along with his colleague Jose Luis Ciccolo deleguate representative for the department of San José at the cultural national assembly, organized in Salto by the Center of Education and Culture.

He continues to expose in various places and art galleries until he travels to the United States in 2007.

He settles in New York and obtains a visa O-1 granted for extraordinary Ability.
There he is accepted at the New York Artists Equity Association.
In 2008, he works for a year at Green Team Advertising as a creative designer and illustrator.

Alex Morales currently resides in Brooklyn, New York, dedicating himself solely to his art (exposing and selling his artwork) and as a freelance illustrator for various advertising agencies.